Oil and Energy
Libyan Group for Oil and Energy Services

LIGOS is an Oil & Gas Service Company, concentrates on providing professional engineering and construction expertise, as well as installation and maintenance supply services in the Oil & Gas sector.

LIGOS main office is located in Tripoli, Libya and has a branch office in Benghazi, while storage facilities are available in Tripoli, Misruata, Benghazi, and Sabha.

  • Supply and installation of modern land rigs of different capacities
  • Transportation & Logistic services
  • Import and supply of Tools & Equipment to Oil & Gas Companies
  • Provide Project Management & Engineering Services
  • Provision of Experienced Manpower of different disciplines to Oil & Gas Companies
  • Chemical supply
  • Inspection & Testing Services
  • Maintenance & Welding Services
  • Solids control and waste management equipment and Services
  • Industrial & Oil Field Cleaning Services
  • Implementing oil and gas networks
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Power and Energy services & Supply

For more details, please visit our website www.ligos.ly