Lamst Alhaya

LAMST Alhaya for Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment

Lamst Alhaya is a healthcare company provides the Libyan market with the best solutions for medical field, including but not limited to Pharmaceutical, consumable and medical equipment to improve the level of health care in Libya.

Lamst Alhaya provides the following services:

    • Import/providing Medicine, Consumable and Medical Equipment
    • Providing Physiotherapy Equipment and Machines
    • Supplying Equipment, Supplies and Clothes for people with Special Needs
    • Equipping and supplying Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories
    • Import/supply of mother and child care products

Lamst Alhaya is the Authorized Exclusive Agent of Libya for the following Companies;

      • Steam France
        STEAM France offers to Healthcare facilities, Laboratories and Industries, a complete range of solutions. It is organized around 4 main businesses: Maintenance, equipment Trading, Traceability and Support.
      • Pharmalys Laboratories of Switzerland
        Pharmalys Laboratories is a Swiss company specialized in infant nutrition through manufacturing, distribution and promotion of premium infant formulas and baby food in more than 50 countries worldwide.

        – Primalac
        Primalac Premium products assure infants and toddlers are given the best possible start in life. The Primalac Premium range provides a complete balance of essential nutrients.


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