Automotive Services
Al Imtiyaz Group

Al Imtiyaz Group is a company specialized in automotive and construction equipment.
We partner and network with manufacturers, design, and engineering companies that can provide a diversified range of products and services which cover both domestic and business needs.

Al Imtiyaz Group provides the following services:

    • Purchase Facilities & Lease Services
      Passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery, heavy construction equipment, and firefighters. Also, we provide specially designed vehicles according to our customer’s request such as vacuum/pressure trucks, industrial tanks for food, water, oil, gas, chemicals, and any other vehicles for industrial and services use.
    • After Sales Services
    • Workshops
      Highly qualified technicians and engineers conduct the required maintenance aftersales.
    • Transportation
      One of our core business operations is the land and maritime transportation services. We have the ability for transporting any load to any destination.

Our marketing and sales teams can meet the very demanding requests from B2B division, and they provide solutions that can achieve our customer’s requirements, through our 3 branches in Tripoli, Benghazi, and Misrata we can be close to our customers.

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